Water On Your Knee? Here Is A Natural Simple Way To Get Rid Of It


Knee effusion, commonly known as water on the knee, is a medical term for excess fluid accumulation in or around the knee joint. It can occur due to water retention, but generally, it is the fluid produced by the joints, called synovial fluid.

Water On Your Knee Here Is A Natural Simple Way To Get Rid Of It

Knee injury can often lead to knee effusion.

This is a painful condition which limits the ability to move your knee, to bear weight on the knee, or to walk unhindered. Other symptoms include stiffness, bruising and swelling, depending on the cause.

Common causes of water on the knee include: knee injury, some infections, gout, arthritis and more rarely tumor cysts.

This natural remedy can help you treat water on the knee and pain caused by injury:


  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • Fresh egg yolk

Mix one fresh egg yolk with one tablespoon of salt. Apply the resulting mixture on your knee. Wrap your knee in cellophane or nylon film. Secure the coating with an elastic bandage.

Change the coating every two hours, each time using a fresh egg yolk. You need to apply five coverings a day.

Source: tipsforhealthylife.net