Wash Your Face With Baking Soda & Coconut Oil And See What Happens!


If you want to have clean and beautiful facial skin, it is very important to wash your face every day. But it is also very important to wash your face with proper skin products. Some facial cleaners are not suitable for all skin types and the skin becomes sensitive and red after using these products. On the other hand some cleansing products are too mild and ineffective.

Wash Your Face With Baking Soda & Coconut Oil And See What Happens!

The next time you buy a facial cleaner, read the label and you will see that it contains numerous chemicals which are quite unfamiliar.

Often, something very simple and inexpensive can be far more effective.

This natural and homemade cleanser is prepared with 2 ingredients only- coconut oil and baking soda. Make sure that the baking soda doesn’t contain lumps before you mix it with coconut oil. After you mix them well, apply the mixture with a gentle massage on your face. Use circular motions. You can leave the mixture for several minutes as a facial mask or you can wash your face immediately with lukewarm water.

After applying this facial treatment, your skin will be smooth and polished.

The good news is that this recipe can be used whenever you want and you can prepare it according to your skin type. So, people who have sensitive skin should use two parts coconut oil with one part of baking soda 2:1. For exfoliating use equal parts 1:1.

As we said before, both of the ingredients are completely natural and are not expensive as the most of the beauty products found on the market. Try it tonight and the results will be amazing!

Source: http://tipsforhealthylife.net