Do You Have Warts? Here Is How To Remove Them Forever!


Skin fibromas or warts are benign skin growths, which often get mistaken for birthmarks. Even though they’re not especially dangerous they do pose some aesthetic problem to people that have them. They typically aren’t painful, except when they are irritated or bleed. All in all, it’s their unpleasant appearance that bothers people and makes them want to get rid of this cosmetic issue as soon as possible.

If you’re afraid of the health risks after removing a wart you should first see what kind of wart it is. More specifically to determine whether it’s a virus wart, an infectious wart (possibly caused by HPV) or just a benign skin fibroma. There are also warts called filiform verruca, which are virus warts prone to extending and are typically found on the armpits.Do-You-Have-Warts-Here-Is-How-To-Remove-Them-Forever

If you notice their number increasing you should start thinking about their removal because aside from being aesthetically unattractive they can pose a problem and become prone to irritations and bleeding. You should consult a dermatologist to determine the best course of action, depending on the type of wart you want to remove. They may suggest removing them entirely or just partially, making them smaller. Cryotherapy  (treatment with liquid nitrogen)is the most common and widely used wart removal method and your dermatologist will probably suggest it. However, before subjecting yourself to a treatment you should do some research on your own and get information regarding the types of treatments, possible scars, side-effects as well as the price range of every treatment.

Natural medicine

If your dermatologist approves, you can also try an alternative approach, some natural remedy which can be effective in their removal. Many people are praising Fresh celandine juice, (Chelidonium maius L.) or tincture for its effectiveness so you can try it out yourself. You should apply this remedy twice a day directly on the wart.

Sticky tape?

There was a study into the effectiveness of sticky tape and liquid nitrogen therapy in 2002 by a group of researchers. The researchers instructed patients to apply sticky tape on the wart and remove the dead skin with pumice stone which resulted in a successful removal in 85% of the patients suffering from warts.

The other treatment, with liquid nitrogen, proved to be effective in 60% of the cases.