Want To Look Younger And To Live Longer? Make This Mixture


The recipe we’re about to share is an excellent natural remedy for boosting your immunity, improving the liver’s function; it will give you a better complexion and iron out the wrinkles.

According to a number of Tibetan doctors and Eastern medicine experts this is the elixir of youth.

This natural mixture is at the top of the list of best elixirs for rejuvenation and health promotion and according to oriental medicine it’s the best remedy for numerous health conditions.Want To Look Younger And To Live Longer

If you follow the recommendations and drink this youth elixir every day you’ll feel its amazing health benefits in just one month. You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated, you’ll look younger and you’ll resolve many of your health problems. It will help you if you suffer from sclerosis, inflammations and kidney problems.

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare it:

  • 100 grams fresh lemon juice
  • 200 grams honey
  • 50 ml quality olive oil

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and pour the mixture in a jar. Close the lid and store it in a cold and dark place. Drink the mixture every morning, on an empty stomach, just one spoon is enough to boost your energy and promote your overall health.

This elixir of youth should be consumed for a month, twice a year for one month.