Use coconut Oil to Lose Weight and keep Your Body Healthy


Coconut is probably the most amazing substance having many benefits. You can use it at home for antibacterial problem, or anti-fungal infections. It has triglycerides that are different from normal fruits and vegetables. Coconut contains fatty acids that can increase strength of your metabolism, making your body and complete immune system strong.


Coconut has compounds that can withstand several brain diseases, one of them is Alzheimer.

It has fatty acids that studies say has relation to your energy level. It can increase energy up to 5%, and can also help reduce weight from your body. It will full your hunger, and you will consume food only when needed. You can also reduce junk food habits if use of coconut is proper.

How to add coconut to Drink

There are many benefits by using coconut so you can make drink out of it and use it as a morning juice.

Unfortunately, the oils are fatty but this oil is healthy. For the first time, it may seem hard to drink but you will get to the taste when you use it occasionally. There are few tricks you can do when you use it for the first time.

Coconut oil for your drink

You can blend it and turn it into a thick drink. You can start by melting desired amount of coconut oil in case it is in solid foam. You can add this coconut oil in any drink in small amount. You can add coconut with juices, like avocado juice and drink regularly. You can also put inside healthy drinks like green tea and consume. Using coconut in drinks will increase its flavor, and you can consume it without any problem.

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