Two Quick Diets – Fast Weight Loss


Are you tired of long and exhausting diets? Do you need to loss weight fast? Here I present you two diets called “Estonian Diet” and “Banana Diet”  each of it lasts three to six days and you can lose three to six kg. but you won’t be able to avoid the feeling of hunger. Remember that loosing weight  fast may have consequences for your health. The best way to lose weight is eating healthy. These diets  are only for losing weight  fast and you should not overdo.

Estonian Diet:

First day: Two boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner (six per day)

Second day: 500 grams low-fat fresh cheese

Third day: 700 grams chicken without fats

Forth day: 200 grams cooked rice

Fifth day: six boiled potatoes

Sixth day: apples

Banana Diet:

With this diet you should eat 3 bananas and drink one cup of milk during the day.  You may lose three kg for  three days. You should not do it more than three days. This diet is especially recommended for persons who suffer from depression during the diets, because bananas have antidepressant effect.

If you consider to try those diets  we recommend you to take vitamins. Also you should not repeat them in one month.