Try Pressing This Point for 3 Minutes! You’ll Be Surprised at What Will Happen to Your Body!


Foot massage has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last few years due to its amazing effects on overall wellbeing. Even though massaging the whole foot can be really effective, knowing the crucial points on your feet and pressing these can give even better results after the treatment. One such point is located on the webbing between the big and the second toe. What you need to do is apply pressure on this point every day for about 3 minutes.

If you do this regularly, your liver function will significantly improve. Plus, by stimulating this point on both feet, you’ll be also improving your sight. As an extra bonus, this treatment will ease menstrual cramps, headaches, lower back pain, sleeping issues and insomnia.


Headaches are so common in modern way of living that there’s hardly a person who doesn’t get one every now and then. However, you don’t immediately need to resort to pain killers when a headache strikes. Reflexology zones and acupressure can help you deal with such common aches without the need for medications. There are several pressure points on your body that are linked to different type of headache. In fact, some reflexology points will be more efficient than others. It’s best to try out all pressure points and discover which ones are most beneficial for you.

Three Yin Crossing

This point is located above the inner ankle bone along the back of the tibia. When pressure is applied to this point on both feet, there’s energy flow all over the body. By stimulating this point, you’ll be able to relieve knee and lower back pain. Plus, this massage can alleviate several gynecological issues like PMS, painful or irregular menstruation, dizziness, insomnia and more. Last, but not least, this point also lowers your stress levels.

Important: Don’t stimulate this point in pregnancy!

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