Tricks To Make Nose Bleeding Stop


Nose bleeds are a very common occurrence. While some people are genuinely concerned, others simply ignore it.

Why do nose bleeds occur?

There are various factors which lead to nose bleeding including fractures and nose picking, but also nasal allergies, colds or flu. The bleeding usually occurs in the front nasal septum, but this is not always the case. As these bleedings often have no etiologic cause, they shouldn’t be much of a concern to you.

Tricks To Make Nose Bleeding Stop

In some cases, nose bleeding may however occur as a result of existing symptoms of Osler disease, leukemia, tumors etc.

When could nose bleeding be worrying?

– If you feel shortness of breath during the bleed,

– If you feel arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats),

– If it occurs frequently and you lose lots of blood,

– If you feel dizzy and lose consciousness during bleeding,

– If you get extreme headaches during nose bleeds.

Side effects that often occur:

– Swallowing high amount of blood which induces vomiting urges

– Recurrent nose bleeds (during which you lose plenty of blood) which lead to anemia.

The following tricks are really beneficial for stopping a nose bleed in no time:

1. Apply pressure to the right spot

Sit flat and bow your head slightly forward to stop leakage of blood into your throat. Blow your nose gently so as to take out the potential blood clots. Pinch the soft part of your nose, just below the cartilage, with your index finger and thumb holding this pressure for around 10 minutes.

2. Make compression

Make a strong gauze or cotton handkerchief roll. Put the compression in your mouth, between your gums and upper lip or just below the “root” of your nose, holding it there for roughly 10 minutes. If you can’t stand the roll in your mouth, take a button or a coin and press it, with your finger, over the upper lip (between your lips and nose) while holding it for nearly 10 minutes.

3. Cold coating

Put an ice cube or cold coating on the side of the nostril that is bleeding. Hold this for as long as you can stand then pause and do it again. What cold coating does is constrict blood vessels thus stopping the bleed. Nasal spray is also beneficial for blood vessel contraction.


– Be cautious of extensive use of air conditioners as these dry the mucous membrane of the nose.

– Increase vitamin C intake substantially because this vitamin strengthens blood vessels and protects mucous membrane.

– Consume plenty of liquids. Water hydrates not only your body but also the mucous membrane.

– Practice regular inhalation in the morning and before you go to bed as this will moisten your mucous membrane; sniff saline solution and rinse your nose. Your mucous membrane must be saline and wet.