Train Your Brain To Fall Asleep In Just 30 Seconds: Here`s How



A number of people have difficulty falling asleep. There are cases when people spend more than an hour trying to fall asleep even though they are very tired after a long and stressful day. Other wake up in the middle of the night and again have trouble falling asleep. This makes you wake up tired and without energy.  This article will help you train your mind to fall asleep in no time.

Remove caffeine from your diet

Experts suggest avoiding caffeine at least 2 weeks before trying this method. Therefore, drinks such as coffee, caffeinated tea, cola, chocolate (including cocoa), and yerba mate should be excluded from your diet because even a small cup of coffee can disturb your sleep or make you sleep restlessly.

If you are coffee-lover, don`t worry since you can include caffeine in your diet again once you have mastered the technique to fall asleep in 30 seconds.

Train your brain to fall asleep again

This technique involves a long-term process of brain training. It requires time and effort, but once you train it, it will become almost effortless and you will fall asleep in the blink of an eye.

Understanding the training process

The process can take months and, sometimes, years. It won`t take much of your time, the key point is to be persistent long enough in order to achieve the results.

Human brain needs specific training in order to fall asleep faster. Similarly to the physical exercises, if you want to do splits, you need to train them first.

The most important part in this process is to train your brain to leave aside every other activity, and focus on falling asleep when you desire. The brain is active even when sleeping, in different modes of consciousness- beta (waking), alpha, theta and delta phases. When people are trying to fall asleep, that is in fact waiting for a transition to another mode. When your brain is not trained for this, it takes more time for this. The brain remains lazy if you don`t stimulate it.

The conscious mind may want to fall asleep, but it is not in charge, the unconscious is. Moreover, the subconscious will is constantly putting up distracting ideas and thoughts, instead of allowing your mind to calm down and fall asleep.

But, when the subconscious mind is trained, it obeys the conscious mind. However, this only works if you are tired or sleepy.

The following technique will help you fall asleep faster by training the brain to switch to the right mode on time, without delay. The process consists of taking short naps, and here is how it works:

If you feel tired during the day, take a 20-minute nap. You can use your alarm or a timer. Turn on the alarm when you lie down. You only have 20 minutes for this activity, whether you sleep or not. However, do not stress yourself, just relax and try to sleep. If you manage to fall asleep, great.  If you just lie down for 20 minutes, also great.  If you sleep for a couple of minutes of that period, great too.

When the alarm rings you must get up. You may feel tempted to turn off the alarm and continue sleeping, but you must not. Either you can put it on the other side of the room so you will have to get up, or find someone to wake you up by force. If you still tired, wait for a hour and then take a nap again. Make sure you get up after 20 minutes.