Traditional Chinese Medicine Explains Why You Keep Waking Up At Night And What To Do To Solve It


Whenever we go to the doctor because we’re not feeling quite right we’re prescribed pills that are supposed to make things better but instead they just treat the symptoms and the deeper psychological reason for your ailments persists. This is the worst approach, treating the symptoms instead of the cause because it can only lead to further complications.

According to traditional Chinese medicine your body runs on a clock with energy highways or meridians called ‘Qi’, which run everywhere on Earth as well. The Qis are responsible for the constant circulation of vitals like blood, adrenaline and other fluids as well as carrying emotional elements. This means that when you’re feeling well your body’s Qi is running smooth but if you feel sick or unwell your Qi is blocked in some part of your body or your overall circulation is lower than required.traditional-chinese-medicine-explains-why-you-keep-waking-up-at-night-and-what-to-do-to-solve-it

It’s a known fact that the Qi moves every two hours, stopping at various organs every time until the organ reaches its optimum level, when it moves on to the next stop. But when said organ reaches the optimum level an organ in the opposite side of the body reaches a lowest level, a bit like a balancing act.

In other words, during the two hours we have a process called Yin and Yang. During Yin our organs are getting energy while during Yang they’re releasing.  During this process the Qi carry the natural elements (Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal, and Water) throughout the body. All of these hold certain emotions and energies. Here is what they are:

-Earth is connected with balance, the giving and receiving, including emotions of sympathy and empathy
-Metal transports loss, sadness, grief
-Water is linked to anxiety and fear
-Wood holds resentment, jealousy, anger, stress and frustration
-Fire (amazingly) is linked to love, happiness and even hatetraditional-chinese-medicine-explains-why-you-keep-waking-up-at-night-and-what-to-do-to-solve-it

Qi’ and Our Body Clock When We are asleep:

These meridians or Qi are connected to a clock system and according to ancient Chinese medicine different parts of your body are energized at different times of the day.  This is why if you wake up at a certain time during the night it means that some part of your body is blocked or weak and you need to do something to fix this.

If you wake up between:

11 pm and 1 am

Gall bladder problems, usually associated with some type of emotional disappointment.


In order to fall asleep you need to practice unconditional self-acceptance and forgiveness towards others..

1 am and 3 am

Liver, linked to unresolved emotions of anger and excess yang energy..


If you want to resolve your problem you need to drink more cool water and deal with the situation that angered you in the first place and you will be able to fall asleep easier.

3 am and 5 am

This time of night is linked to the energy meridian passing through the lungs and is connected with feelings of sadness.


If you want to fall asleep faster  you need to let go of these emotions and reconnect with a more positive side of yourself. Look at this as an opportunity to find a higher purpose in life and uplift your spirit.

5 am and 7 am

In this early morning period the energy is flowing through your intestines and if you usually wake up this early you probably suffer from some emotional blockages


Drink plenty of water, start stretching and adjust the times you go to the toilet. This will help you start a healthy sleeping routine.