Top 15 Anti-Inflammatory Herbs For Aches and Pains


Dose: 1 ½ tsp


Apart from tasting spectacular Fenugreek is a renowned Chinese medicine to cool inflammations and crack stuck energies. It has anti-oxidative effects relieve inflammation greatly. Not to mention it is great for lowering blood sugar

Dosage: 1 ½ tsp. of ground ­fenugreek


Dill is a herd that is very rich in calcium and magical when it comes to being anti-inflammatory. People have found out that dill stops white blood cells from discharging cytokines. Dill is also best for neutralizing carcinogens, we get them from the environment about us and the food we eat.

Dosage: 1 ½ cups


An active ingredient that is prominent in sage is rosmarinic acid. That is of course found in Rosemarie’s! This acid stops all inflammatory responses y slightly changing the concentrations of inflammatory molecules. It can be used as a great seasoning for people who suffer from atherosclerosis, bronchial asthma and arthritis.

Dosage: 1 ½ tbsp.


A chemical compound named isothiocyanates possesses great anti-inflammatory properties. It stops the production of inflammatory cells and reduces many aches and pains.

Dosage: 3-4 cups


Eugenol steps in again and happens to be the most important compound of Allsspice. As it has been said before eugenol has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. It inhibits the production of COX-2 that is a very prominent characteristic of inflammation.


This spice stops 5-Lipoxygenase enzyme which is the key to inflammation and all its aches and pains. Some people prefer to grind it and add it to smoothies and sweet dishes.

Dosage: 1 tsp.

Source: Healthy Holistic Living