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Did you know that a simple blood test can reveal whether you have cancer?

This new scientific discovery allows early detection of colon, stomach, breast and uterus cancer and it is based on simple inexpensive laboratory tests.


Just a few drops of blood are enough to determine whether there is a tumor in your body. The scientists identified the most common gnomic signature in the DNA of tumor cells. The study results have found that five kinds of cancer have almost identical genomic signature. This is certainly a revolutionary discovery which can help to determine many types of cancer in the early stage.

According to scientists, the presence of cancer leads to chemical changes in the DNA, a process called methylation and it controls the expression of certain genes.

The scientist found identical pattern in five different types of cancers, including lung, stomach, colon, breast and uterine cancer.

The discovery of a single methylation signature was crucial and it will help us a lot to correct diagnosis. Figuratively, it can be compared with the situation when in a pine forest looking for an apple tree. It took us a while to find it, and it was a huge technical challenge to us, but we found this signature methylation around the ZNF154 gene, which is unique to tumors. No one on my team could sleep after the important discovery, as far as we were excited. This is the first time that we have found such a pattern that is applicable to many types of cancer ″– explains the biologist Laura Elnitski from the US National Human Genome Research Institute.

Furthermore, the scientists will try to discover new tests for early detection of prostate, bladder, and pancreatic cancer.

The relation between tumor and increased methylation biomarkers is still not clear enough, but it probably occurs due to the dissolution process I a healthy cell or due to influence of growth of tumor cells, which consume more energy.