This Poison Destroys Your Bones. However, Many People Consume It at Least Once a Day!


We often relish food or drinks without being aware of the health implications they can bring upon. What’s worse, we often give these food and beverages to our children not even suspecting they can leave long-term consequences. Such is the case with soft drinks, which are extremely popular among adults and children.

However, scientific research gives detailed explanation of what happens in your body after consumption.

This Poison Destroys Your Bones. However, Many People Consume It at Least Once a Day!

10 minutes after consumption

Your blood sugar spikes because one cup packs 10 tablespoons of sugar, which this is the daily recommended sugar allowance. Your body cannot eliminate it due to the phosphates which hide the taste.

20 minutes later

Your blood glucose and insulin levels rise. This stimulates your liver into transforming the available sugar into fat.

40 minutes later

At this point, the caffeine from the drink has been completely absorbed in the body. As there’s more sugar into your blood, circulation increases. You no longer feel nervous or exhausted because your brain blocks the adenosine receptors.

45 minutes later

There’s an increased secretion of dopamine which produces a euphoric effects upon the brain. The same effect is produced by heroin.

1 hour later

Your digestion increases due to the fact that phosphate acid connects the magnesium, zinc and calcium. This is linked to the large amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners, which prevent the elimination of calcium through the urine.

Over 1 hour

Now the diuretic effects of the caffeine start to take place. All the zinc, calcium, and magnesium that were intended for your bones are now eliminated though urine, along with water, sodium, and electrolytes.

Just over an hour

Sugar spikes in your blood and you experience mood changes. The minerals essential for your teeth and bones are now excreted out of the body leaving you depleted of calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Finally, your risk of diabetes increases drastically.

Via Cuisine and Health