Coke is the favorite beverage to a number of people throughout the world. Generally, many are not familiar with all the negative effects Coke has on human health, and therefore they consume it almost every day. Here is how Coke impacts your body, according to Dr. West Conner:THIS POISON DESTROYS YOUR BONES. BUT EVERYONE DRINKS IT, SOME DAILY!

  1. The first 10 minutes

A can of coke equals to 10 teaspoons of sugar which is almost 100% percent of the daily dose allowed. It is also loaded with phosphorus, which is added to improve the taste.

  1. After 20 minutes

It leads to glucose and insulin peaks, which in return result with instant conversion of sugar into fats by the liver.

  1. After 40 minutes

Caffeine in the cola is totally absorbed in the body in the period of 40 minutes. The blood circulation is increased and the liver starts producing more sugar in the blood. Your adenosine brain receptors are directly blocked so it prevents you from feeling tired.

  1. After 45 minutes

The dopamine secretion is significantly increased which makes you feel good, and this effects is similar to that of heroin.

  1. At 60 minutes

Phosphorus acid bonds magnesium, calcium and zinc which then boosts your digestion. This interacts with the enormous amounts of sugar and the artificial sweeteners which restrict the secretion of calcium through urine.

  1. After 60 minutes

The diuretic properties of caffeine start to act and all the minerals, including magnesium, calcium and zinc intended for the bones are then excreted through the urine.

  1. A bit after 60 minutes

Sugar crush is the final phase. You feel de-energized, and you experience frequent mood swings. Toghether with cola, your body has eliminated all the water and nutrients form your body which are essential for the digestive proper function, and for bone and teeth strength. Moreover, your risk of developing diabetes is significantly increased.