This Is Why You Can’t Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat no Matter What You Do!


Let’s get something clear right away, this will not be one of those articles where we share some miraculous instant diet which will burn your belly fat magically and make you look fabulous. Instead, we will talk about stomach fat scientifically and we’ll share some recommendations which could help you get rid of it.

First, you’ll need to know 3 things before we get started:

  • Our body is consisted of different fat cells in different areas, and part of these cells have proven exceptionally hard to burn away
  • The most problematic areas of our body, the stomach and hips are the places where these stubborn fat cells are located
  • In order to burn that fat away you can resort to exercise, food supplements and scientific based diet

For all of you out there, who have tried everything and still haven’t lost an inch around your belly, don’t blame yourselves or your genetics, the problem lies elsewhere. The problem is not in the appropriate exercises or diet, lowering your carbs and sugar intake won’t do the trick, we assure you.why-you-cant-get-rid-of-belly-fat

You have done everything, you’ve been on that diet since forever, you’ve been sweating in the gym, working on your abs for hours, and still no visible results. Do not fall in despair, you can still achieve the desired results; have a flat and fat-free stomach, you just need to know the right way to do it.

In order to lose fat around your belly, first you need to understand how the fat burning process works. Actually, when our body is burning fat it undergoes a two-part process: lipolysis and oxidation. When the fat cells discharge stored energy in the blood (fatty acid) we are undergoing lipolysis, and when the cells start burning those fatty acids that’s oxidation. The production of adrenalin and noradrenalin, or catecholamines, is what triggers the lipolysis process. When these organic chemicals reach the fat cells they hook up to our receptors, and once they’re hooked up they stimulate the fatty acids to be released in order for the other cells to be able to absorb them and fuel up.

You finally start dieting, and after a while when you think you’re doing everything right, you start seeing the results, but only in certain body parts, such as the arms or the chest, but your stomach and thighs still stay the same. There is a scientific explanation to this, in case you were wondering. That’s because the catecholamines don’t have the same effect on all fat cells, some react to them better, others not so much. The main reason for this phenomena is the fact that fat cells are consisted of two completely opposite catecholamines receptors, alpha and beta receptors. While the beta receptors activate the lipolysis process, the alpha receptors block it.

So there you have it, the real reason behind that stubborn fat around your waist and thigs is explained by science. The belly and thigh fat is much harder to get rid of because those fat cells contain much more alpha receptors than beta.

We’ve explained why you haven’t been able to lose that fat around your waist and thighs so far, but now we’ll share some advice which will help you get in shape and improve the fat burning process. You’ve surely searched the internet hoping to find a solution to your problems, and you’ve read a million boring articles saying the exact same thing. What you need to know is that you can’t simply do targeted exercise in order to reduce the belly fat, there is no such food which will miraculously burn it, and eliminating all those late dinners and infrequent meals won’t do the trick. It’s actually much easier than that.

If you want to lose fat around your stomach for good you need to be aware of the following:

  1. You need to get your total body fat down to 10 percent if you’re a woman, or to 20 percent if you’re a man
  2. You can implement some dieting plan, do exercise and add supplements which will help you do it faster

If you follow these two rules you’ll be on a fast track towards losing that dreadful stomach fat for good. It’s guaranteed to be effective.

   You can also try some of the following activities in order to speed up the fat-burning process:

  • Regarding your diet you can try to avoid sugars, add supplements which target fat loss, include more protein and fiber rich food, eliminate carbs and drink a glass of water before every meal. Also try to eat regular meals, skipping them is not advised.
  • You should include training in a fastened state, lifting heavy weights and some high-intensity interval cardio in your exercise routine.
  • And most importantly sleep more to get the best results

I know that you think you’ve tried everything, dieting, exercise, supplements but that belly still stays the same. Maybe you’re ready to quit and accept your fate, but I can tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that. If you just apply these few simple rules to your everyday routine you too can have those amazing abs everyone dreams about. Surely, there’s nothing you can lose, except for that belly fat.