This Is What The Shape And Size Of Your Finger Nails Says About You!


There were different ways through the centuries on which you could determine somebody’s personality with only one look.

According to these beliefs there are body parts related with particular characteristic of the person. There are beliefs that your personality can be determined by the size and the shape of your nails.

This Is What The Shape And Size Of Your Finger Nails Says About You!

Different characteristics were analyzed with skull measurements in fact it was treated as a complete science. People believed that the space between the eyes could say if someone is artistic or not.

But today the people are focused on the nails shape. The Europeans have undertaken this trend from Asia.

It is up to you how you will read the text and if you are a believer in this kind of tests. However it should be fun reading!

Here is the interpretation of your character according to the photo above. Find you form and read about your characteristics.

1. Vertical long nail – calm character, imaginative, creative and precise. These characters can be fitted with everybody.

2. Wide nails – virtuous, well-advised, easily annoyed and theoretical. These people are always honest and are good in giving advices.

3&4. Circle or egg shaped nails – reasonable, optimists, unique and relaxed. They have many friendships because are leaving the small things to run their lives. Always are living by their own rules and rhythm.

5. Square shaped nails – leaders, adept, courageous and strong. They have a soft side for their friends, but they are giving the image of strong and serious leaders.

6&7. Triangle shaped or inverts– clever, perfectionists, innovative, genuine. The people are amazed from them because they are thinking faster than other people and it is very possible that they are geniuses.

8. Almond shaped nails – adherent, friendly, warmhearted and beautiful. These people are always fighting for what is needed and are very kind. They are great company.

9. Sword shaped nails – prompted, enthusiasts, productive and focused. Larger image is always in their heads and are always focused on long term goals. They are having positive influence to people and are uplifting theirs grow.