This is What Happens To Your Body When You Walk Barefoot For 5 Minutes Every Day


During summer, it is a must for me to be in line with nature. Whether be it on a camping or trekking, I always take time to go and search for a land where I can secretly say, “I’ve conquered this place!” with my bare feet.


It became my habit to walk barefoot despite how rocky the path may be because for me, walking barefoot builds a great connection with the land you’re walking, moreover, you can have an additional strength walking barefoot, without thinking that you might trip off from your shoes, slippers, sandals or whatsoever.

Here are some reasons why walking barefoot is great:

  1. It improves health to body organs and extremities: The energy found in the earth can also strengthen your body’s organs and limbs. Different parts of the foot lead to different parts of the body. By getting in touch with the earth, you can strengthen your body as a whole.
  2. Improves balance: Shoes do a lot of the balancing work for you. By wearing shoes all the time, you allow your body to lose its natural sense of balance. When you start walking barefoot, all of your muscles work together to keep you upright, balanced, and rooted.
  3. Improves strength: Barefoot walking uses all sorts of muscles that do not get worked when you walk in shoes. As you work these muscles day after day, you may notice that your muscles get more toned and useful.
  4. Grounds you to your inner self: Getting in tune with the earth also makes you more in tune with yourself and who you are as a human being. Our species was meant to walk barefoot, so it’s only natural that doing so can make you more aware of your inner self.

You need not to walk barefoot for an hour or so, in fact, 5 minutes can do. So walk for a healthier and better you!

Source: FamilyHealthFreedomNetwork