THIS Is What Happens If You Massage Your Feet Every Day


One way to improve your overall well-being and your mood is to give yourself to a foot massage, especially before bedtime. You can use oils rich in medicinal properties, but even simple massaging of your feet will make you feel a big difference. These are the six reasons why you should do this every night before going to bed.

THIS Is What Happens If You Massage Your Feet Every Day

What happens if you massage your feet every day?

  1. Stronger Immunity

Foot massage stimulates relaxation and healing. Use this technique to relax your whole body and prevent the harmful effects that everyday stress has on you. In fact, regular foot massage can protect you from various stress-related diseases.

  1. Energy Boosting

Foot massage has great health benefits because it boosts your energy levels. On the other hand, it removes the obstacles that prevent the energy from moving freely throughout the body.

  1. Improved Circulation and Body Cleansing

Blood circulation is responsible for the transport and supply of oxygen and nutrition to the cells in the body. That’s why a massage improves circulation and cleanses your body from toxins. Since stress negatively affects blood flow, a foot massage will reduce these intense feelings and significantly improve circulation.

  1. Natural Body Balance

Homeostasis is a natural body balance, i.e. when all body parts work in harmony with each other in order to maintain proper balance. Massaging your feet can stimulate homeostasis, which improves overall health.

  1. Love benefits

When your partner massages your feet, this creates a great atmosphere for a romantic evening. For one thing, massaging the feet can produce sensual, soothing, gentle, and feelings full of love. Plus, this is a great way to show your partner that you really care about them.

  1. Relaxation

Massage the feet can reduce stress and lead to a deep state of relaxation. One of the most important points on your body, the solar plexus, is located in your feet. It is a small ‘store room’ that collects all the stress. When you press this point, stress is released and the body relaxes.

How to massage your feet properly?

Massage duration: 10-15 minutes

Heat the oil gently (if possible, use sesame oil), apply it on your hands and then start rubbing your feet in circular movements. Massage the whole foot, then each finger separately. Move from your sole to upper part of the foot, using both hands simultaneously. Repeat these movements for 10-15 minutes. Add oil when you feel that it isn’t gliding. For detailed instructions, see the following video: