This Is What Happens If You Don’t Drink Coffee For One Month!


A journalist from due to problems with the skin stopped drinking coffee in three weeks, and the results were stunning. We bring you her observations.

This Is What Happens If You Dont Drink Coffee For One Month!

“If you have at least once visited a dermatologist, I’m sure he recommended that you drink less coffee or to completely stop. Dermatologist repeatedly advised me to do it, but I was not ready to give up my caffeine addiction. But, out of curiosity I decided not to drink coffee for three weeks and, I will tell you to what happened.

You must have heard at least a hundred times that the waiver of certain foods contributes to a better appearance of your skin. Very often it comes to sugar, dairy products, wheat flour or coffee. Countless times I’ve heard from a dermatologist that coffee contributes to a better appearance of my skin, so I decided to abolish the morning ritual for a few weeks. So, why is coffee “culprit”? In short, scientifically explained: coffee has a lot of acids. Large doses of caffeine sour combined with your hormones, particularly hormones of stress, affect the increased fat of your skin. Above all, coffee is a diuretic and promotes urination, so it causes dehydration. I belong to a group of people who drink up to four coffees a day, so I’m on a safe way to dehydration.

First of all, you certainly want to know if I missed coffee in the morning for three weeks? – Absolutely. I did not expect a miracle, but during the first week there was no difference in my facial skin. But, in the second week already the acne that has long since emerged has completely disappeared.

Already in the third week they were gone and I have to admit that my skin looked great. Of course, my skin was not perfect like Jennifer Lopez, but the waiver of coffee has finally started to like it. Another change I’ve noticed is – lower level of fat. I have always had a few dry patches on the face – around the nose and chin, but already in the third week my skin was of uniform composition, which made me believe that the mixed dry-oily texture of the skin was a the result of dehydration caused by drinking coffee.

However, my skin was perfect as it was “Photoshopped” for three weeks, but I stumbled on the 23rd day of the experiment due to the iced coffee. Although, I think I will completely leave my coffee, and that the results will be better in the long run.

I thought I would feel sluggish without my daily dose of caffeine, but it was the opposite (okay, I felt sluggish during the first two days of the experiment). But, in fact, my stomach was responding to iced coffee I drank. Now I’m back in the zone without caffeine – we’ll see how long it will last, but I will try to be “clean” for four Sundays.