This is The Best Way to Consume Medical Marijuana (Hint: It’s Not Smoking)


The best way to consume medical marijuana is not through smoking it. It’s supposedly a holistic remedy to help fight effects against issues like cancer, chronic pain and even epilepsy. There are numerous adverse side effects associated with this drug that is primarily illegal. Many experience nausea, paranoia and a foggy “high” feeling.


But, people are still smoking marijuana and some are even making edibles with weed as an ingredient since the drug promotes the munchies. Perhaps it would be better to take it in a pill or capsule form, vaporize it and inhale it. Who knows which is better and if there is one that’s more dangerous than others.

The Many Ways You Can Consume Marijuana

Smoking a Joint/Blunt/Spliff etc.

It’s common to use the weed in the form of a joint. Depending on the dosage you require for medicinal purposes, use the leaves and roll in rolling paper. This is most associated with getting high. While smoking weed isn’t a dangerous as cigarettes, there have been contradicting clinical trials that show that marijuana has carcinogens and toxins that are just as harmful and can damage the lungs or cause respiratory diseases or cancer.

Even inhaling marijuana can make you cough. If you must smoke weed, use a pipe so your dosage is more consistent or if you roll joints, use non-chemical rolling papers. Use a higher and more potent THC version of weed so you don’t have to inhale as much to have the effects. Immediately exhale the marijuana after inhaling to keep it from coating the lungs. Holding the smoke in doesn’t allow for more THC to be absorbed despite beliefs.


Try vaporizers instead because it heats the cannabis at a low temperature and releases the components of weed that are medicinal with fewer dangerous byproducts.



Also try to put your weed in baked goods. However, this is dangerous because it causes more of a body high instead of a head high but this is more effective for people with chronic body pain. The only problem is that you often can’t see how much weed you’re consuming and they can be slow to kick in so you may end up eating more than you should to get the desired effects. You may get too much weed and feel it for much longer. Try consuming smaller amounts and wait an hour or so before eating more. Note that eating raw weed doesn’t give you the effects the THC does.

Tinctures and Tonics

You can also use liquid forms of cannabis to be applied to the skin. It can also be consumed orally or tonics and tinctures can be added to food. This is helpful for vomiting and nausea that can result from chemotherapy. To make this liquid, marijuana leaves are soaked in alcohol and strained. You should still be careful to keep from over-consuming.


The effects can also be felt with the use of topical salves, lotions, balms, ointments, and sprays derived from cannabis oil and used for chapped skin, minor burns, eczema, arthritis, muscle soreness and joint pain, shingles, tendonitis and sunburns. They are great analgesics, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterials.

Tea and Sodas

You can also consume cannabis in tea or soda. Just steep the leaves, buds, and stems of marijuana in boiling water for 30 minutes to make tea. Add alcohol, butter, or oil to dissolve the THC that you are desiring the therapeutic benefits from. Keep in mind that some tea will vary in strength so just use the amount you would smoke and adjust as needed. Stores also cell soda that is cannabis infused.


Hash and Wax

Hash and wax is the resin collected from the flowers of marijuana which are compressed into tiny blocks which can be smoked, added to edibles or teas, or just eaten. Pain relief comes in minutes because this is a very potent form of cannabis.

It seems that vaporizers are the ones recommended most by doctors and researchers for the best THC consumption. It doesn’t overheat the weed, you can accurately measure the dose, and you also avoid some dangerous side effects.

Thanks: Healthy Holistic Living