This Is The Best Natural Prostate Medicine!


Many men are suffering from prostate issues around the world and it is surely one of the greatest health problems in men. They can act different, have different form and strength. Approximately every man older than 45 faced issues with the prostate and there are great chances that all of them will suffer from this issues when they are older. But the age barrier when men face this issue is continually moved.

This Is The Best Natural Prostate Medicine!

It is a muscular organ with a size of a walnut, which closes the urinary tract with one part. Its main function is to create secrete that will escort the spermatozoids.

While the men are growing old, various issues are occurring with the prostate and the most usual are growth of the prostate, acute or chronic inflammation and in present day the most usual- prostate cancer. Together with the lung cancer, the prostate cancer is the most usual form of cancer in men.

The prostate is important for men as breasts and reproductive organs are important for women.

The medicine’s answer is represented in many therapies which are often ineffective or not enough effective. The problems followed with prostate issues are: constant urinating, disability of complete urination, urination through the night, weakness, cold and ache in the lower part of the back and genitals, issues with erection, issues with ejaculation etc.

The natural solutions for this health problem are not many. The most usual is cranberry and pumpkin seeds and oil.

However, you will now read about the most effective and powerful natural remedy for battling the prostate diseases mentioned above. The herb’s name is Epilobium parviflorum or simply known as smallflower hairy willowherb.

You can plant this herb at home, or you can easily find it in many supermarkets or green markets in every country of South-East Europe.

People are aware of the power of this herb for many centuries, but it was forgotten for some time under the affects of modern medicine. Maria Treben brought back this herb again in her books which are released in more than 10 million copies. Maria Treben healed more than thousands men with prostate issues in Europe with the help of this amazing herb.


Get a smallflower hairy willowherb that can be found in various species and as prostate remedy may be used the following:

Epilobium roseum, epilobium parviflorium, epilobium montanum, epilobium obscurum, epilobium sollinum epilobium anagallidifolium, and the ones that grow in the swamp.

Add 1 tablespoon of this herb (dried or fresh) in 2 deciliters hot water. Leave it to rest for 5-10 minutes, remove the herbs and drink it, Drink this tea twice at day, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before sleeping. Consume it for few weeks minimum, or as long as it is required. You may have positive results very soon.