This Is How You Can Peel Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds Without Touching It. AMAZING!


Peeling garlic is one of the most disliked kitchen chores simply because it leaves your fingertips in such a stench that you spend hours later trying to remove it. Garlic owes its pungent smell to allicin, the active ingredient which also accounts for most of the powerful medicinal properties of this vegetable. That’s why there’s no point in cutting out garlic from your menu as you’d be losing a bunch of health benefits on the way.

If you still want to include this amazing vegetable into your diet without having to worry about the strong smell it leaves on your hands, this simple, yet extremely efficient trick is just the thing you need.

All you need to peel as much garlic as you like without touching it, and in a matter of seconds, is a glass jar with a lid. What you do next is put one or a few garlic cloves in the jar, close tightly and shake well. In 10 seconds, you’ll see that the skin has separated. Put the peeled garlic in a clean bowl and enjoy!

Extra tip: If you don’t have a glass jar at hand, use a bowl and a cutting board instead.

If you want to see the trick in detail, watch the video below. Bon appetite!

Source: BuzzFeed