This is How To Remove Small Warts From Your Skin By Using One Ingredient


The benign skin growths which seem like tiny soft balloons hanging off the skin are called small warts. They are harmless but can appear at some unpleasant places such as neck area. So people often want to get rid of them.


There is no need to go to a doctor or have a surgery to remove small warts. You can easily get rid of them by using apple cider vinegar.

Take a band aid and apply 2 to 3 drops apple cider vinegar on it.

Place the band aid onto the small wart that you want to get rid of. Let the band aid sit for 5 days. You can use a new band aid with apple cider vinegar daily, it will be more beneficial.

After 5 days, there will be no sign of wart and it won’t leave any mark.

Source:Time for natural health care