This Is How To Activate Your Fat Burning Hormones Melt Fat Like Butter


Any weight loss program requires a lot of effort, but then comes a time when you hit the plateau and your body simply doesn’t burn fat any more. However, there are 3 simple steps you can take to further activate your body to lose weight.

  1. Cut Off Sugar… ALL SUGAR

The most important thing you need to have in mind when set to lose the extra pounds you have is the negative role carbohydrates play on your weight loss goals. For one thing, carbohydrate deposits you ingest with food high in sugar including starchy vegetables, alcohol, cookies, candy, processed foods with added sugar provide easy energy that your body uses instead of burning your fat reserves. Thus, cutting down on all carbs from your diet is a must!

  1.  Stick to a Tight Eating Schedule – 2 or 3 Small Meals a Day

Another thing you should consider is replacing sodas and fruit juices with water or water with lemon as well as herbal teas. Plus, you need to increase your vegetable intake per day especially raw and steamed vegetables as these take more calories to digest, which is perfect for any weight loss regime.

  1. Increase Your Workout Routine

The third most important thing when losing weight is adding some light weight exercise because this further stimulates the burning of your fat reserves. Even 30-minutes of exercise every other day will help your body to build new muscles from protein which activates the burning of your fat reserves.

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