This Food Is Ideal for the Brain and It Can Help You Shed 20 Pounds in Two Weeks!


Since it enhances memory, buckwheat is often called the ideal food for the brain.

Folk medicine recommends it for treating rheumatism, glaucoma and diabetes.

Tea made from buckwheat flowers has healing effects on the respiratory system and lungs in cases of excessive cough or phlegm production. A mixture of buckwheat leaves and flowers can treat atherosclerosis, a serious disease affecting blood vessels. Buckwheat alleviate the effects of radiation, chemotherapy and excessive mental work. Moreover, buckwheat helps with cardiovascular disease, especially high blood pressure and digestive problems.

This Food Is Ideal for the Brain and It Can Help You Shed 20 Pounds in Two Weeks!

If you want to make a face mask or a natural peel, grind some buckwheat to get coarse flour. Except for cosmetic purposes, this flour is also used for treatment of eczema and ulcers.

Compared to other grains buckwheat is a low-calorie product, which contains a lot of protein, amino acids, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, vitamin B1, B6, P. Nutritionists often recommend it to people suffering from anemia, hypertension, and  liver disease.

Two weeks on this buckwheat diet can help you lose up to 20 pounds (I lost 16!), cleanse your body of fat and toxins and improve your intestinal and stomach function.


First of all, get some buckwheat; you can find it in every healthy food store.

Pour boiling water over the grains. Drain the water and pour boiling water for the second time (1 cup buckwheat grains – 1.5 glasses of water). You can prepare 1, 2 or 3 glasses, as much as you want. Start with one and then you can set your dosage according to your appetite.

Eat this instead of breakfast, lunch or dinner, any time of the day. Enjoy your diet and healthy weight loss!