This Disease Kills 150 Million People Worldwide and Now Scientists Found a Cure!


According to the World Health Organization, about 150 million people are suffering from chronic hepatitis C worldwide. This virus is transmitted using the same needles and in rare cases, sexual intercourse with an infected person.

This Disease Kills 150 Million People Worldwide and Now Scientists Found a Cure!

Annually 500 000 people are dying from this disease worldwide. The study, published speaks about the success of the experimental treatment, which involves a combination of drugs to prevent the disease.

There have been positive results even in patients who have not responded positively to the treatment. So far there is no vaccine or drug to treat hepatitis C virus that attacks the liver cells and thus reproduce in the liver.

In recent years a new combination of drugs has been found, that directly affect the viral cells and destroys them, and so made a big step in the fight against this terrible disease from which millions of people are dying.

Recent studies in particular, have focused on a combination of three drugs. A research that lasted 12 weeks has been conducted on patients that were in different stages of the disease.

They studied the drug reactions of patients with cirrhosis of the liver, also those who were in contact with needles and drugs and the patients who haven’t had positive results with previous treatment.

A team of scientists went a step further and added ribavirin in the therapy of three drugs. The doctors were shocked by the result. The percentage cured by this therapy increased to 98%. It is also important to note that this therapy has no side effects.

This news spread around the world at lightning speed and brought hope to all those who are suffering from viral hepatitis C.