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This Amazing Smoothie Will Melt Your Stomach in Just A Few Days !

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  1. Chukwuma Benjamin Onuorah says:

    I need further clarifications on this banana valueS as there seems to contradict some postings on the net.

  2. HIMALAYA says:

    i want to know how i will reduce my belly part

  3. anna says:

    Help me to lose weight

    1. frizzfro says:

      start jogging/running. cardio is the best way to reduce fat and keep it away from the body. cardio is also best to keep a healthy body. just make sure you buy good shoes to absorb the impact from the hard surface, or run on a smooth surface without shoes.

  4. Sabira says:

    Exactly for long should one take this banana & flax seed drink to reduce weight? Will it be the only drink one can have or can eat normal diet with the drink?

    1. frizzfro says:

      it’s best to take it everyday for the rest of your life. we need these vitamins and minerals every day of our lives for a good energy.

  5. Karen says:

    These drinks look wonderful except for one thing, they look like they would process into a pudding. Do I add any liquid to the mix?

    1. frizzfro says:

      add some milk.
      you can also make one drink of all these 3 recipes to get all the nutrients. in my opinion it’s best to avoid whey or any other kind of protein powder.

      1. Patricia says:

        Why to avoid the protein powders….there are many excellent vegetarian ones on the market also New Zealand whey’s are very clean!

  6. Karim Khan Rajput says:

    Help me to reduce belly fast without exercise I m over 60.

  7. aaa says:

    can i also use cardio like jog on place/

  8. sharon says:

    whey is very good for digestion and keeps the bowels moving … protein is needed for exercise

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