This Amazing Herb Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours

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  1. shahid says:

    If it is so effective, then why millions of Chinese are dying every year from cancer ? Why we are spending billions of dollars every year around the world to find cure for the cancer ? Are these scientists fools/

    1. Henkie says:

      Because otherwise hospitals and the healthcare industry in general wouldn’t make enough money of course! Our governments are corrupt.

    2. Jil Jennewein says:

      Yes, have you read the reports about dead scientists? The ones who do have answers are killed.

    3. Mark says:

      Its hard to know what to believe

    4. admin says:

      Shahid; you’re a trolling tool. The internet hates people like you. Get a new hobby.

    5. Shamalou says:

      Because cancer=big business. It doesn’t make sense for an industry that is based on the profit motive to seek a cure. Much more profitable to “treat” it while keeping expectations very, very low. A goldmine.

  2. vibha says:

    Where can I get this in India??

  3. tim burrows says:

    by thinking about something constantly you create it ! ……. Enough with the cancer ad’s pleaseeeee

  4. PHI says:

    How would cancer patients use it? Is it used in a tea, smoke, ground up and ingested?

  5. wonder says:

    If this is true why does the world not shout it out. There are no single silver bullets my friend- wake up. Dont give people false hope

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