This 70-Year-Old Woman Looks 30 And Reveals Her Eating Secrets


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

It is this famous quote by Hippocrates that’s the core of Annette Larkins’ concept of good health. And she is striking evidence that it really works.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, claimed that “the chief role of the physician was to aid the natural resistance of the body to overcome the metabolic imbalance and restore health and harmony to the organism”.

Cancer claimed the lives of Mrs. Larkins’ mother, grandmother, and great aunts at very young ages and diabetes runs in her family. The odds against her, she became vegetarian in 1985.

This 70-Year-Old Woman Looks 30 And Reveals Her Eating Secrets

Fountain of Youth

Mrs. Larkin grows her own organic fruits and vegetables, and these are the only ingredients on her menu. Her backyard garden is abundant in leafy greens, herbs, berries, and a banana tree. Inside, she keeps hydroponics for cucumbers, lettuces, and most of all, wheatgrass. Mrs. Larkins juices the grasses with other items from her garden and eats only raw foods. She even drinks and waters her plants with the rainwater she collects.

The result: At 72, she enjoys perfect health and her skin is wrinkle-free, smooth and radiant. She says her garden is “the fountain of youth.”

Larkins has published books, booklets, a DVD, and appeared on many television talk shows to share her personal health success story.

Eating raw can help you avoid common toxins found in processed food

Annette Larkins is not the only person that has maintained good health from eating raw vegan diet. A raw vegan diet has helped many people beat and prevent disease. For one thing, it can successfully treat allergies, asthma, cancer, constipation, high cholesterol, obesity, and maintain good overall health. Plus, you get to completely avoid all processed foods with their trans fat, preservatives, genetically-modified organisms, refined sugars, and chemicals. A raw diet implies eating living foods, not anything factory-made.

It doesn’t have to be strict to be great for you

You should be aware that not all foods are healthiest when eaten raw; for example, cooked carrots contain more vitamin A and beta-caroteine than raw. No matter whether food is cooked or raw, the best way to obtain most of the vitamins and other nutrients your body needs is through regular consumption of a wide range of fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds rich in proteins.

Not everyone can adapt to a strictly raw diet, but those who have tried it wouldn’t have it any other way. Moreover, according to some studies, a modified raw diet that includes eggs and fermented dairy product may be even healthier.

Annette Larkins is one of those who have found the solution for good health and vitality in raw vegan diet.