These Are The Harmful Ingredients In The Beer We Drink And The Dangers They Expose Us To!


In a number of commercials you can hear how they offer top quality beer made from spring waters and high quality ingredients. Unfortunately many producers forget to mention the additional ingredients that they put into the beer, because of cheap production, and which contain the same or similar taste, smell, color and density.

Alcoholic drinks made of yeast, barley and water are among the most popular drinks since the time of ancient Egypt. Beer with an alcohol concentration of 3 to 13% so far has undergone a number of modifications, conservation and change of quality. Beer as an alcoholic drink is subject to the standards of today’s food industry, which also uses the basic ingredients of beer, adding some others that are not really suitable for overall health.

Although a number of gatherings are unthinkable without beer, we must think about the quality that we harmful ingredients

Here is the list of the illegal additives beer producers use.

MSG (mononatriev glutaminat) enhances the flavor and it has long been used in the food industry. The goods are often marked with E621. It is  dangerous for the cells, brain and contributes to Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimers. Causes headaches, arrhythmia, hyperactivity and rashes.

Propilen gikol – its main purpose is to keep the fluff. Marked as E900-E910, you can find it in soft drinks, sweets, baked goods grains …

It is harmful for the fat cells near the heart, kidney and other internal organs. It is used in many products as a substitute for sugar.

Kalcij dinatriev EDTA is an antioxidant that serves for regulating acidity. It is marked as E300-340. Can affect the metabolism, causes skin allergy, and affect reproductive development.

Caramel color – used in carbonated and refreshing drinks. There are four types of such artistic color, and studies have shown that this substance is harmful. Develops the molecules that can cause cancer. Many experiments with animals found that the color of caramel can cause lung cancer, thyroid malfunction and leukemia.

Other colors: red 40, yellow 5 and 6, is one of the most widespread additives. It is prohibited because of the diseases that have been caused in laboratory animals, and is considered as highly problematic. Some of these additives cause cancer, but no matter, it continues to be used in food production.

Insect color – publicly known as Starbucks and Dannone, because of the use of insects to color the coffee, yogurt and various drinks that causes shock among consumers. Causes many allergies, so anaphylactic shock and can result in fatal consequences.

Glyceryl monostearate – known as GMS organic molecule used as a simulator for oil, wax and as a solvent. Used in the pharmaceutical industry, and in cosmetic hair care products. It is toxic to many organs and banned in many countries.