These 4 Home Tricks Can Help You Get Rid of Moths for Good


Moths are the most common pest problem in every household. Apart from your pantry or wardrobe, moth infestation can appear everywhere in the house where you store food or woolen and fur clothes.

However, moths are not always easy to detect. Normally, if you see one or two moths around the house, it’s definitely a red alarm. In this case you should look for other moth infestation symptoms including tiny holes in your clothes, usually woolen or fur, and web-like layers in the corners of the racks, wardrobe layers. When you find the moth nest, it’s easier to get rid of the infestation. Although there are a number of chemicals on the market such as naphthalene balls, sprays or pills, which promise to remove moths efficiently, these usually come with side effects. So, it’s much safer to stick to natural methods of moth removal. Plus, the natural solutions we offer here are cheaper and easily available.

These 4 Home Tricks Can Help You Get Rid of Moths for Good



This is one of the most efficient and least expensive methods of moth removal. You can use a variety of herbs including cloves, rosemary, thyme or mint, to get rid of moths in your house. There’s another advantage to herbs – they are completely non-toxic as opposed to the commercial products on the market. Plus, their smell is incomparably nicer than naphthalene stench.

What you do is put a pile of your favorite herb or a combination of more herbs in a small cloth bag (you can use a cotton sock as an alternative), and tie it with a string. Then put these bags among clothes in your wardrobe or among food containers in your pantry. It’s recommended to change the herbs every month as they lose their fragrance after 30 days.

Cedar wood

Although the pleasant smell of cedar may not be as strong as that of herbs, it is equally effective in removal of moths. You can buy it in the form of balls or rings. What’s best about this method is that you don’t need to replace it in order to revive the smell; you can simply polish it every now and then.

Essential oil

Essential oils are also an effective method to get rid of these common household pests. Just pour a few oil drops on a cotton pad or a cotton swab and smear liberally on your shelves, wardrobe doors or inside the wardrobe.


Last, but not least, newspapers can also be used as an efficient way to remove moths in the house. This is due to the fact that moths don’t thrive in the strong smell of ink. What you can do is just put some newspaper pages in between your clothes every few days as the smell of ink easily wears off.