There are 3 Types of Fingers: Which One is Yours and What Does It Say about You?


Fingers type A:

  • You tend to hide your feelings and are prone to melancholy. Also, you want to appear stronger and more independent than you actually are.
  • You are very sentimental person.
  • You are sincere and cannot tolerate lies, hypocrisy and deceit.
  • You can sometimes be eccentric and arrogant. Tolerance is not your virtue.
  • You are generous and always help other people. Also, you will refuse any task you dislike.
  • Usually, you are cold with people who are not close to you, while you tend to be very emotional with your loved ones.

Fingers type B:

  • You lack initiative when it comes to hanging out with people.
  • You are loyal friend and devoted lover.
  • You are very emotional but you hide your emotions.
  • You are hard-working person and who always completes his tasks.
  • You are not impulsive and can control your reactions even when someone is very rude.
  • From the outside, you look strong and independent, but in fact, you have a soft heart and you can easily get hurt.
  • You love living in your fantasy world with someone who understands you and gives you everything you want.

Fingers type C:

  • You tend to ignore people or things that make you angry.
  • You prefer being on the safe ground, rather than accepting new challenges or taking risks.
  • You respect other people`s opinion.
  • You keep your feelings and problems to yourself.
  • People love you, trust you, and often depend on you.
  • You easily accept apologies because you are not prone to holding the grudge.