The Symptoms That Indicate an Inevitable Heart Attack


Not many are aware that men and women have rather opposite symptoms of heart disease. In women some symptoms of heart failure appear even a month before the heart attack.

According to medical evidence, most heart attacks start with minor symptoms such as discomfort that’s not normally described as pain. This chest discomfort is not constant; in fact it may come and go. Therefore, it’s important not to disregard these symptoms or mistake them for indigestion or anxiety.

The Symptoms That Indicate an Inevitable Heart Attack

1# Shortness of breath

The first most common symptom of heart is shortness of breath. Women who find it difficult to breath are under enormous risk of heart attack. The thing is that the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are mutually dependable. So, when the heart receives less blood, hence the lungs get less oxygen, this results in shortness of breath.

2# Muscle weakness

Another symptom of heart attack is a feeling of weakness in the muscles. Decreased blood flow causes the whole body to suffer from lack of oxygen. Circulation of blood is getting worse, which also hampers the proper function of the muscles.

3# Cold sweat

The third symptom that requires medical attention is cold sweat. If you feel dizzy or suddenly break into a cold sweat, it is quite possible that you are in the pre-cardiac condition. This symptom is particularly apparent when a person stands up suddenly, because the blood fails to arrive to the brain on time.

4# Chest discomfort or pain

The fourth symptom is tightness or discomfort in the chest. The narrower the coronary artery, the more it prevents normal blood flow, which results in a spasm in the chest area. In time, these spasms become painful.


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