The Shape of Your Fingertips Reveals What Kind of Person You Are


Did you know that the shape of your fingertips can in fact say a lot about your personality? Look at the image, find your finger form and read on to discover what kind of person you are…


Type A

You are quite introvert as you don’t often share your feelings. You are a melancholic, although you often pretend to be strong and cool, and more independent than you really are. In fact, you are very emotional. You put on an act in front of people you meet for the first time and you can’t stand lies, hypocrisy and dishonesty.

You are sometimes arrogant, but altruistic as you have a big heart and want to help. You are also an eccentric.

You finish each assigned task completely even when you don’t feel like it.

You may be a bit cold to people who aren’t close to you, but are really sensitive to people that are. You smile even when something isn’t really funny.

Type B

You don’t normally have the initiative to approach people.

You’re very loyal, and when in love, you give your full attention to the loved person.

Although you don’t look like you are, you are in fact very sensitive, and often pretend in order to protect other people’s feelings. You are very determined and once you decide to do something you give your best.

You are generally afraid of being hurt, so you often pretend you’re fine, when you actually aren’t and you try to stay calm, even when you feel really upset.

You put on an act of a strong and independent person who always speaks harshly, although you’re soft-hearted and easily hurt.

Your ideal partner is someone who understands and loves you and gives you everything you need.

Type C

You are impulsive and easily provoked, but then you also easily let go and forget about hard feelings. You don’t like challenges, and don’t feel comfortable with unknown things. However, you respect other people’s attitudes.

You may sometimes be pushy and your ego is really big when in an argument, but then again, you also apologize first.

You keep your feelings and problems to yourselves and don’t pretend. You clearly know what you want and what you don’t.

You want people to trust you and rely on you; you have a soft heart and can easily be hurt. So as soon as someone apologizes to you, you give immediate forgiveness because you stand being crossed with someone for too long.

Source: HealthyLifeVision