The New Toothpaste Which Leaves Dentists Without Work!


Kazue Yamagishi is a Japanese researcher who has invented a revolutionary product for maintaining perfect oral hygiene. His toothpaste has amazing properties! This paste is able to recover all the cracks and holes in the teeth and it also restores the tooth enamel.

The New Toothpaste Which Leaves Dentists Without Work!

The tooth paste is made of similar components as the tooth enamel but is made in liquid form. This is because people in this way will be able to apply it easily on the toothbrush.

Before they invented the formula for this toothpaste, the researchers made several experiments on hydroxylapatite, or otherwise known as crystalline calcium phosphate which is known to be the main component of the tooth.

Immediately after brushing your teeth with this toothpaste, it starts to act against the acid on the tooth’s surface. After three minutes, the paste starts to crystalize and becomes fixed on the natural enamel.

This paste is really amazing isn’t it?