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The Most Effective Apple Diet – Lose 5 Pounds in Just 3 Days !

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  1. Domi says:

    What if I am a vegan? What should I eat on this diet?

  2. Kirsty says:

    Has anyone tried this? Does it really work?? What cheese would you use??

  3. meetu bhatia says:

    Hi i m vegetarian so plz tell me the indian diet accordingly

  4. alma says:

    yes, please advise, what cheese? arent most cheeses made from cow’s milk? also, plain biscuits? any kind/brand? and lastly, pancake, again, made from regular pancake batter??

  5. alma says:

    can salad dressing be used for day 3? thanks!

  6. honey says:

    can u do is for month and it be safe?

  7. beth says:

    Looking for replies about the cheese you can eat..what is cow cheese also what type of biscuits can you eat.

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