The Meat Factory Of The Future – This Is What Our Kids Will Be Eating!


With more and more mouths to feed, food production can no longer be kept to the traditional way of preparing the same.

Scientists have found a new way, through in vitro burgers, as a way to take care of feeding future generations.The Meat Factory Of The Future - This Is What Our Kids Will Be Eating

The whole process will save mankind and animals, they say. Here’s why.

  1. No animals will be grown with hormones and artificial food to provide a greater amount of meat.
  2. No meat diseases will be transferred to people.
  3. No animals will be slathered to feed people.
  4. There will be no GMO meat.
  5. Nature and water will be preserved.

We won’t be using a large amount of natural resources for growing a larger number of animals, and we won’t spend a huge amount of water for processing the scene.

The following video is described as getting in vitro meat. They used the blood of animals, without killing the animal.

Blood or a sample of muscle mass sample is taken from the animal. And the amount that is taken from a single animal can get thousands of kilograms of meat. Here’s a detailed explanation.