The Internet Is Crazy about the Yogurt Diet: Melt Those Pounds in Three Days


This is not a diet in the true sense of the word, which is supported by specific and strict diet plan, but is an Internet phenomenon and there are a lot of different versions of the Yogurt diet, which is described in more detail in the book by Ana Luque.

The Internet Is Crazy about the Yogurt Diet Melt Those Pounds in Three Days

Basic principles

The effect of yogurt is based, apparently, on the capacity of the probiotic yogurt to stimulate the growth of healthy intestinal flora, which results in a faster digestion, elimination of toxins and thus weight loss.

When the food is thoroughly digested, it also improves intestinal health and general health.

Intestinal flora is composed of different bacteria that live in the human digestive tract that have the function of protecting the body from infection.

The human body has from 400 to 500 different types of bacteria and most of the body is positively affected.

Other potentially harmful, especially when intestinal flora is not balanced. An imbalance can occur due to stress, poor health, consumption of antibiotics and poor diet. It is recommended to drink up to 2 liters of yogurt every day.

With the yogurt you can eat fresh fruit, and should avoid sweetened yogurts.

According to the version of Ana Luque, the yogurt should not be consumed alone, but it recommends eating foods from the permitted list.

One of the online version of the Yogurt diet looks like this:

First day


In the morning, eat fruit or plain low fat yogurt with cereal in its sole discretion.


In olive oil stew vegetables and eventually mix with rice. In addition to salt and pepper in the vegetables do not add any spices. For dessert, eat fruit yogurt.


Before going to bed saturate a salad with ham and carrots. So chop a carrot, apple and 50 g ham and fry everything in olive oil. All together, mix with nonfat yogurt.

The second day


For cucumber salad, you need yogurt and cucumber that you will chop into cubes and eventually mix them together.


Add salt and pepper, a little turkey chopped into cubes and fry them in olive oil. Add chopped mushrooms and peppers. When the vegetables are tender, add the yogurt.


Mix two cups of yogurt with a few berries.

The third day


Mix cheese, chopped apple, cinnamon with the yogurt and at the end add a little salt and pepper.


Bake 150 grams hake fillet, and as a contribution to make salad of yogurt, chop a cucumber and add a little mustard.


Boil hundred grams of pasta, add one chopped peppers and a boiled egg. Mix them all together, with yogurt.

Impact on health

Probiotic yogurts are safe for our health, but for now there is no hard scientific evidence linking Yogurt diet neither with weight loss nor with previously presented theories about the Yogurt diet. Short-term use of these diets (1-2 days) does not harm healthy people, but is not recommended for long-term practice. Weight Loss is most likely achieved with caloric restriction.