The Incredible and Unbelievable Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea


From time to time we all need something sweet to consume. It is smelling great and it is the best drink early in the morning or after a long day. The great things for turmeric tea are limitless.

This is extremely healthy. There are some great benefits of this tea. Turmeric is one of the best spices in the world. See the list with benefits of drinking turmeric tea:

The Incredible and Unbelievable Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea

    1. It is used for disinfecting burns and cuts like natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent.
    2. Mixing it with cauliflower, it can prevent prostate tumor and stop the growing of the existing one.
    3. It is preventing breast cancer to spread to the lungs in rats.
    4. Can prevent melanoma and kill the existing melanoma cells.
    5. Decrease the danger of leukemia.
    6. Natural detoxifier for liver
    7. Removes the amyloid plaque buildup in the brain and because of that it can slow the Alzheimer’s disease.
    8. Can stop the metastases in many forms of cancer.
    9. It is used as potential natural anti-inflammatory same as a lot of anti-inflammatory drugs but don’t have any side effects.
    10. Can cause slowing of multiple sclerosis in rats.
    11. Can be used as painkiller and cox-2 inhibitor.
    12. Can help in reducing weight
    13. It was used as treatment for depression in Chinese medicine.
    14. It is a natural treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis because of the anti-inflammatory possessions.
    15. Increases the effect of chemo drug paclitaxel and decrease the side effects.
    16. There are studies showing that turmeric is great for pancreatic cancer.
    17. Also some studies are showing the great effect of turmeric on multiple myeloma.
    18. Stopping the growth of blood veins in tumors.
    19. Rehabilitee the damaged skin and speed up wound healing.
    20. Can be a good help in treating psoriasis or other inflammatory skin diseases.

A recent research for turmeric and curcumin is very hopeful as Dr. Andrew Weil said.

  • There is experiment in the Medical Universit Graz in Austria showing that curcumin can delay liver damage that can lead to cirrhosis.
  • Researchers in Kansas state university said that with putting some spices, counting turmeric, we can decrease the lever of heterocyclic amines – cancer-causing mixes that are found in barbecued, boiled or fried meat, for more than 40%
  • Students at the University of Texas specify that curcumin prevents the growth of a skin cancer, melanoma and reduces the spread of breast cancer in the lungs.
  • Pretreatment with curcumin is making the cancer cells helpless to chemo and radiotherapy, said researchers from the University of South Dakota.
  • In India people are consuming turmeric daily, and epidemiologist are assuming that maybe this is why there is low rate of Alzheimer’s disease in this country. Between people who are 70 to 79, the rete it less than one-garter from US.
  • And one more study recommends curcumin’s is good for arthritis treatment. Because arthritis is common disease it is worth to try it.

Now you want to make some tea, right?