The Harmful Effects of Sugar – Why You Shouldn’t Eat It


6. Causes Type 3 Diabetes

The relationship between insulin resistance, high fat diets and Alzheimer’s disease is marked by the term type 3 diabetes where glucose has a big impact.

7. Your appetite increases

Regular intake of large amounts of sugars interferes with the brains ability to send messages that you are full. Leptin, a hormone that sends signals does not perform its function, while fructose which is entered through sugar causes constant hunger.

8. You become addicted to sugars

Sugar causes the secretion of chemicals that affect the pleasure center of the brain, that is opioid and dopamine secretion. Same as the people that are taking drugs, in this case, tolerance to sugar is gradually developed, and therefore your body requires extra amount.

9. Fatigue

Too much sugar in the body leads to a constant feeling of fatigue. It comes to permanent changes in the level of sugar in the blood, causing the body to constantly require from you to eat something sweet.

10. Depression

There is a connection between depression and sweet. Those who consistently eat something sweet, become prone to depression.

11. The facial skin aging

Sugar in the blood is bound to proteins and forming harmful molecules called AGE, which attack nearby ingredients that include protein and fiber in collagen and elastin, those are the ingredients that make the skin look firm and supple. As a result, it comes to relaxation of the skin and creation of the wrinkles.