The Harmful Effects of Sugar – Why You Shouldn’t Eat It


It is known that sugar is not really a useful ingredient for our body, but we use it anyway. If nothing has convinced you to replace the sugar with natural sweeteners despite knowing what it does to your body, these 11 facts will.The Harmful Effects of Sugar

1. Fats accumulate around the organs

Fructose, as part of sugar makes the liver to store fat more efficiently and at odd places. With time it comes to creating fat around it, which causes a liver disease, a disease that was very rare in the eighties of the last century.

2. Prepare for diabetes

Every additional 150 calories obtained through daily sugar intake increase the chance of getting diabetes by 1.1%.

3. Chaos with cholesterol

If you leave aside those with high cholesterol, diabetes and obese people, the people that consume a lot of sugar are having the largest increase of bad cholesterol and dangerous increase of the triglycerides, as well as decrease of the good cholesterol.

4. Bad effect on the heart

Heart disease and diabetes are closely related. Heart and brain stroke are the greatest dangers for those with type 2 diabetes.

5. Blood Pressure

Comes to excessive insulin secretion, which badly affects the circulating system and arteries. Chronically high levels of insulin accelerate the growth of muscle tissues around the blood vessel, thereby causing hardening of the artery walls, which is a step closer to high blood pressure.