The Best Way To Lose Weight According To Your Body Type


Learn how you should lose weight according to your body type. Not all body types should lose excess pounds the same way because of the same reason that they are not built the same way.

There are three main types of female construction – apple, pear and hourglass. Determine your type and find out how you should eat to quickly lose weight.

Apple: Lean Meat Melts Fat Around Waist

In women with the body shape in the form of an apple, excess centimeters usually pile up in the area of the stomach. So try out the following diet:

  1. Increase the amount of food rich in cellulose (cereals, legumes)
  2. Start off the day with fresh fruit
  3. Reduce the intake of animal fat
  4. Eat lean meat, eat only dried fruit and honey, and only citrus type fresh fruit. It is recommended to have more soy, fish and nuts.
  5. More liquids, ie water and herbal teas are always welcome. Recommended is ginger tea, which is a great drink for detoxification.The Best Way To Lose Weight According To Your Body Type

Pear: Less starch For Slimmer Lower Thighs

The pear type of construction will have significantly larger hips and bigger butt and a narrow waist and shoulders. To reduce the volume in the lower body, stick to these rules:

  1. Eat less food rich in starch (potatoes, beans etc)
  2. Avoid any type of fat
  3. Instead of juice, eat fresh fruit
  4. Eat cheese with low percentage of fat, fish, seafood, whole-grain bread, brown rice…
  5. Tomato contains bioactive substances that regenerate and tone the skin. Tomato juice helps in speeding up the metabolism, so it is recommended for your type of construction.

Hourglass: Pounds Easily go Down

This is the most perfect type of construction. Women whose physique resembles an hourglass is mostly with ideal proportions, but are prone to obesity. To keep the figure, make sure you follow these two simple rules:

  1. Cut out the sweets, nuts and avocados from your diet
  2. Each day, eat foods rich in protein – non-fat meats, eggs, low fat milk and vegetables

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