The Best Natural Solution for Helicobacter Pylori


Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is a common bacterium affecting 70% of the world’s population. While for some people it doesn’t give any symptoms or cause any ulcers, for others an H. pylori infection can cause ulcers in the stomach lining or in the upper part of the small intestine, and even lead to stomach cancer.

Helicobacter pylori is a type of bacterium that lives in the digestive tract. It is associated with the onset of inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), ulcers of the duodenum, and rarely the stomach. Sometimes this type of infection can lead to cancer of the stomach.

Fortunately, this bacterium can be treated effectively by following good health habits.

The Best Natural Solution for Helicobacter Pylori

One of the most effective natural treatments for H. pylori is figs in olive oil. To prepare this folk remedy, you need a few figs cut into quarters and soaked in cold pressed olive oil.

Let the figs sit for about six weeks before you start using the remedy. Take a teaspoon of this every morning on an empty stomach. If you need an urgent treatment and cannot wait for six weeks, then make a smaller amount and use after 7 days. Such a remedy may have fewer medicinal properties, but it will also be useful.

When it comes to effective treatment of this common bacterium, it’s extremely important to avoid hot and sour foods, fattening meat, especially processed meat products. Instead, stick to a diet based on cooked food, ideally, prepared in cold-pressed olive oil.

This combination is also beneficial for other conditions including hemorrhoids, constipation, infertility, intestinal diseases, asthma, bronchitis, and many more.