The Best Home Remedy to Get Rid of Cold Sores Overnight


Cold sores or fever blisters result from an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus. Although benign, they indicate that your immune system is compromised. So the first step you need to take when dealing with cold sores is cleanse your body of toxins to ensure your immune system optimal function.

The Best Home Remedy to Get Rid of Cold Sores Overnight

At the first signs of cold sores, boost your immune system in the following way:

  • Increase your fresh fruit and vegetables intake; make sure your diet includes plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, garlic and onion, chili, ginger, sprouted seeds and beans.
  • Make sure you use cold pressed seed and vegetable oils.
  • Consume lots of garlic or use a garlic supplement or other natural antibiotic such as olive leaf extract or grapefruit seed extract.
  • Take vitamin C (calcium ascorbate is highly recommended as it’s a non-acidifying vitamin C).
  • Manage your stress levels because stress reduces your immunity.

Have in mind that the herpes simplex virus is highly contagious, and once you contact it, it will stay in your body for life. However, being able to recognize the early symptoms of a cold sore outbreak and its timely treatment will not just delay, but also prevent the cold sore from fully developing.


1# Cold sores are normally manifested with a tingling, burning or itching sensation to the surface of your lips hours before a cold sore breaks out. As soon as you feel it coming, apply some ice rubbing the affected area gently every hour or so. Ice can effectively reduce the severity of the cold sore, and even prevent its outbreak.

2# If, however, a cold sore appears, it’s essential to sanitize it regularly. Clean the sore spot frequently with throwaway alcohol or peroxide soaked tissues, which you dispose of after use, to promote healing and promptly reduce the effect of the virus.

In addition, direct application of lemon balm or extract is one of the most effective cold sores home remedies. Lemon balm or extract is highly effective in reducing the symptoms cold sores bring about. Plus, lemon extract has strong medicinal properties that speed up the healing process of blistered skin.

3# The last step is repair your cold sore wound. Do this by using the method of heat application rather than cold, because heat promotes more blood supply into the affected area, thus speeding up the healing process. The ideal treatment for this is using hot tea bags because tea also provides micro-nutrients that promote cell protection and repair. Simply heat the tea bag in hot water and apply on the blistered skin. Leave it to act for at least 15 minutes. You will get better results if you apply heat longer. Never reuse the same tea bag!