Large skin pores, especially around the nose area, are a common cosmetic issue affecting both men and women. People with oily skin or so-called oily t-zone are usually more prone to having large skin pores unlike people with dry skin. As these pores are susceptible to clogging with dirt, people with oily skin are more at risk of acne and blackhead breakouts.

Although you can’t completely remove pores from your skin as they are an integral part of it, you can at least reduce their size. And, to do so, you don’t need pricy and time-consuming treatments at beauty salons or expensive skincare products.

Here, we suggest an extremely effective and low-cost method of reducing the size of pores. The video below provides detailed instructions on what to do to make the pores on your face look significantly smaller.

According to the famous YouTube user, Angela Minji Kim, baking soda is the best ingredient to minimize the size of large skin pores. Angela Minji Kim also praises baking soda for its high efficacy and usefulness in removing dead skin cells and dirt from your face.

Many people who’ve seen and tried this baking soda treatment are amazed by the results. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the video and try the treatment yourself. The results will amaze you, we vouch for that!

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Via Healthy Life Tricks