Ten Popular Food Products That Pack More Sugar Than We Can Imagine


Sugar is undoubtedly the most common ingredient found in almost all food products on the market. Even some foods that are promoted as healthy actually contain high levels of sugar.

Below you can find a list of 10 food products, some of which go under the name ‘healthy,’ which are loaded with sugar.

  1. Toasted corn breakfast cereals


Contrary to popular belief that breakfast cereals are one of the healthiest breakfast choices, an average portion packs about 37 g of sugar (which is slightly over 7 spoonfuls), which is  more than the recommended daily allowance.

  1. Yogurt


As opposed to homemade yoghurts, commercial brands, such as Activia, are loaded with sweeteners and additives to enhance the taste. The sugar content often rises as high as 6 teaspoons per packing.

  1. Chocolate bars


Although chocolate bars provide an instant and convenient energy boost, especially when you’re time-bound for a decent snack, a standard-sized chocolate bar weighing around 55 g contains 27.5 g of sugar, equaling about 5-6 teaspoons. Even the most popular brands, such as Mars and Snickers, are basically uniform blocks of sugar.

  1. Pepsi and Coca-Cola


The most popular soda drinks, Pepsi and Cola, don’t only quench our thirst, but they also kill our hunger, at least temporarily. Even a small 0.33-liter can of Pepsi contains as many as 8 spoonfuls of sugar, whereas Coca-Cola packs 7.

  1. Sugar-coated candy


M&M’s may be our children’s favorite candy, but these are loaded with sugar (in small packaging!). To be more specific, 100 g of this candy has 472 kcal, whereas a standard packet of 45 g contains 6 spoonfuls of sugar.

  1. Nutella


If you read Nutella’s label carefully, you’ll see that this product contains sugar, palm oil, nuts, cocoa powder, milk powder, vanilla extract, and whey powder. Unfortunately, its extremely high-calorie content comes from fat and sugar, which account for 70% of its ingredients. Only 2 tablespoons of Nutella contains 200 kcal and 21 g of sugar.

  1. 3 in 1″ coffees


As convenient as they are, instant coffees are a bad addition to any diet. For one thing, a 20 g packet of “3 in 1” coffee packs about 70 kcal and 10 g of sugar, which equals 2 teaspoons.

  1. Energy drinks


There’s mounting evidence linking energy drinks to serious health issues such as increased arterial pressure and blood sugar levels. The extra energy you get from these drinks is not worth it taken that a single can of Red Bull packs about 27 g of sugar.

  1. Ketchup


This may come as surprise, but, ketchup is also loaded with sugar despite its completely different taste. And, the sugar amount is quite high — 100 g of the favorite food addition packs around 20 to 30 g of sugar.

  1. Juice


Unlike homemade juice, commercial fruit juice normally contains large amounts of sugar. Just for an illustration, a standard glass of grape juice contains 58 g of sugar, apple juice contains 39 g, and pear juice 37 g.

Via brightside.me