Talcum powder is Linked to Ovarian Cancer. Shocking Reasons to Stop Using It Immediately

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Without knowing it, you have probably used talcum powder or other talc powder containing products. It is used in many  industries. Talc is used in cosmetics and body powders, including those for babies.

But, lately some studies have shown that talcum powder can cause significant lung damage (or even lung cancer) if inhaled. However, despite these apparent risks, the FDA has still not pulled this product from the market or forced manufacturers to place more comprehensive warning labels informing consumers about the possible health risks related to the usage of talcum containing products.
A study made back in 1971 found particles of talc in 75 percent of the ovarian tumors they studied. In another study done by 19 scientists in 8 different countries, research showed that there is a 30-60 percent increased risk of ovarian cancer if talc is used in the genital area. Study after study for the last 50 years shows that talc is dangerous.talcum

Here Are Some Evidence Supporting Talc’s Possible Health Risks

Source: livingtraditionally.com