A common household item, aluminum foil is mostly used for wrapping food, such as sandwiches or potatoes after baking, or leftovers before putting them in the fridge. However, the uses of silver foil go far beyond the kitchen. In fact, this item has various other applications that will make your life easier in many ways.

Read on and find out how you can use silver foil for some everyday hassles:

1# Keep freshly baked bread warm and tasty

Aluminum foil is the one thing you need to keep your freshly baked bread warm and tasty. It’s ideal when organizing some picnic time or a camping trip. What you do is first wrap the bread in some paper napkins to absorb the moisture and then in aluminum foil to reflect the heat back into the bread thus keeping it fresh and warn longer.

2# Sharpen your blunt scissors


If your old scissors are dulled, this simple trick is the thing you need. Take a strip of aluminum foil and fold it lengthways several times so as to get a thick strip. Then start cutting the strip. By doing so, the foil will grind against the scissors sharpening them with every cut you make.

3# Keep pets away from your furniture

Everyone who keeps pets will know that they can often damage your furniture by biting table legs or chewing on the sofa. This simple aluminum foil trick can help you prevent this. Use some aluminum foil to wrap the table legs or other places you want to keep your pets away from.  As pets don’t like the sound of crinkling aluminum foil, this will definitely keep them away, and not only temporary. Once they learn it’s a place they don’t like, your pets will stay away from your furniture and you can remove the foil.

4# Keep paints fresh and use them more than once

Once you open a tin of paint, its shelf life becomes much shorter. The paint dries out easily and it often becomes useless before you can use it for the second time. Aluminum foil comes to the rescue again. Start by cutting out a circle of the foil. Make sure it’s the same size as the tin top. Place the foil piece on top of the paint surface. Then blow into the tin to get some oxygen inside and close the lid. This method will extend the shelf life of the paint and you’ll be able to use it all up.

5# Move furniture over a wooden floor

If you have wooden floors, aluminum foil can help you protect them from scratching when rearranging furniture. Simply put pieces of aluminum foil under the legs of the furniture before you move it. This will enable your furniture to “slide” across the floor and prevent any scratch marks on the floor.

6# Improve the quality of your plants


Use aluminum foil for your house plants. First, fill a pot with some soil then cover the soil with aluminum foil. Next make some holes in the foil and plant the cuttings. What aluminum foil does is minimize water loss, meaning you won’t have to water the plant so often. This will not only improve the quality of your plants, but also make them grow stronger.

7# Remove tarnish from your silverware

This is a simple trick to restore the sparkle on your tarnished silverware. You can use it for your silver jewelry too. Start by coating a pan with a sheet of silver foil then fill the pan with hot water. Add a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of baking soda. Put the silver items in the pan making sure they are in contact with the foil. Leave the silver to sit for 5 minutes before you flip it over. Leave the other side to be in contact with the foil for another 5 minutes. Finally, rinse the silver with cold water and wipe it dry.

8# Restore the shine on your pots and pans

Another simple trick using aluminum foil can help you restore the shine on your stained cookware. Soak the pan that needs cleaning then crumple a sheet of aluminum foil and scrub the pan with it. This will make your cookware shine like new.

9# Get a better picture on your TV

It often happens that the static electricity between your TV and DVD interferes with the quality of the picture on your TV. To improve this, place a foil sheet between your DVD player and TV. This will reduce the electromagnetic fields emitted by these 2 devices thus improving the picture on your TV.

10# Make ironing easier


This is one of the best home tricks you can come across. The thing is aluminum foil can significantly reduce the time you spend ironing if you place it along the ironing board before you start ironing. In this way you won’t have to iron both sides of your clothes as silver foil will reflect the heat thus both sides will end up ironed. This method will reduce the time you spend ironing time by half.

These tricks will help you deal with everyday hassles more easily. They are definitely worth trying!

Via Healthy Life Tricks