Superb Self-Massage For Your Neck Pain! [Video]


Neck pain happens to all of us regardless of age and social status. Even young people, students sometimes get this disturbing pain in the neck.

This is not just limited to the neck, you could experience pain in other parts of the head or you might be unable to move your head properly. It even includes chronic headaches that may affect you occasionally. Other similar symptoms include nausea, dizzy eyes and ringing ears.


All the symptoms named above are called cervical syndrome. Many people do not know that neck pains are also sometimes related to numb fingers, arms and parts of the head. We are used to just popping aspiring whenever we feel any pain in the head or heart.

Even people who are only 20 years old could develop the initial symptoms of cervical osteoporosis. This is why we advice that people start prevention early once they observe any of these symptoms. This way, they may never have to take medications for it. On the other hand, if you neglect to fight the disease, you might never be rid of it completely.

Self massage when done systematically on the neck can help you reduce the pain significantly. The massage is not that difficult to do, you can learn it in a few minutes in this video here. Do the massage 2 or 3 times every day and you will feel much better because it promotes proper blood circulation.

Source: Be Extra Healthy