Super berry – It Grows Everywhere And It Treats Tumor


According to modern researchers white mulberry is a super herb. The medicinal properties of this berry were known by our ancestors without having any scientific research. White mulberry reduce the risk of diabetes, protects from heart diseases, decrease cholesterol, and it helps lose weight.


The amount of sugar present in dried mulberry fruit is half that of present in other berries such as raisins. According to research, mulberry leaf has supplements which help normalize blood sugar levels.

They are used as a folk remedy for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. White mulberry is abundant in diet fiber. About 20% percent of our daily fiber needs can be satisfied by only a third of a glass of white mulberry.

The regular use of this berry will result in reduction in cholesterol and improvement of digestive system. It is also rich in antioxidants.

According to a research at the University of Texas, white mulberry contains resveratrol which is a natural phenol. It is helpful in fighting multiple types of tumors and heart diseases.

Source: Health Care for you